Teen Driver Safety Initiative

Sponsored By Distress Bandanna™ and State Farm®

Presentation with Rebecca Pratt, Teen Driver Safety Ambassador

The Distress Bandanna™ signals for IMMEDIATE roadside assistance.

The Distress Bandanna™ is for use with the following:

  • SOS - Signals For Help
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Automobiles, Motorcycles, Truckers
  • Signals For Medical Emergencies
  • First Aid - Stop Bleeding - Tourniquets
  • Natural Disasters for Aerial Search and Rescues
  • Building Emergency Rescues
  • ALL Outdoor Enthusiasts for hikers, hunters (if lost or hurt), campers and boating

With the Distress Bandanna™ hanging from ones automobile or motorcycle, law enforcement will know without a doubt that the person signaling is in distress, needs help, or has a medical emergency. The invention is a bandanna that signifies for help or an emergency situation.

The Distress Bandanna™ signals for help, reduces confusion, prevents dangerous situations and saves lives. The Distress Bandanna™ can be seen in all weather conditions, being that it has fluorescent corner. The Distress Bandanna™ presents a clear signal of distress that eliminates any doubt.

Distress Bandanna™ is recognized by law enforcement including State Police

A great product to use for your fundraising events!

Distress Bandanna™ is a supporter of the Illinois High School and College Driver Education Association.

What Does It Do?

  • Signals for Help
  • Reduces Confusion
  • Prevents Dangerous Highway Situations and Saves Lives


  • Seen in all weather conditions being that it has a florescent corner
  • Hang it on or E-Z pull through strap for snugging
  • 27x27 for better visibility sake
  • 100% Cotton
  • Distress Bandanna™ | Made in America Made in the USA

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